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What do you know about advertising/marketing?Please give me the basic principles of advertising/marketing?

Advertising: Very basic principles of advertising / marketing

Your goal when you advertise is to get as many people as possible to read and agree with the ad you have written. You need a "grabber" - in a written ad that would be the headline that grabs attention and you need the body, which "sells" the product. In a print advertisement you must use as few words as possible to get your point across. The rule of "keep it simple" is a big rule here. No one is going to read a lot of 6 point type that explains the inner workings of your product.
Marketing a product takes a lot of work. To reach as many people as possible takes time and, depending on the medium you use, a lot of money. Mass mailing has proven to be effective even though the studies show you get only a 2% return.
The main basic principle then is REACH THE PEOPLE and keep it simple.

How many products should I feature in a newspaper ad?

Less is More

You sit down to your blank page (or screen) to design your newspaper ad. Wow, you've got so many different offers. You want to sell everything you have in your one column, 5 inch ad. Don't. Pick one product or one service. Customers get confused when you start bombarding them with too much information. Pick one. Sell it.

Won´t using a dozen different fonts in my ad just spice things up?

Keep It Simple, Silly

Look at that cool font, I think I'll use that, and wow, that one looks really neat too. Sweet...gotta throw in this other one, and then put all the copy in plain old times roman.
Slow it down, skippy. Rule of thumb--only use one or two fonts in your ad design. Why? Well, using too many just looks confusing, and not very pleasing to the eye either.
I usually use a nice bold font for my headline, one that will also read well for the body of text I may have in the ad (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) and the second font I might choose could be a cursive compliment. At least that's what I call them. For example, I might use Alor, or Mister Earl (one I have seen in lots of print ads lately!) and then put in little accents with a Brush Script. One or two fonts. Looks cleaner.

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