Keep It Simple, Silly

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Won´t using a dozen different fonts in my ad just spice things up?

Keep It Simple, Silly

Look at that cool font, I think I'll use that, and wow, that one looks really neat too. Sweet...gotta throw in this other one, and then put all the copy in plain old times roman.
Slow it down, skippy. Rule of thumb--only use one or two fonts in your ad design. Why? Well, using too many just looks confusing, and not very pleasing to the eye either.
I usually use a nice bold font for my headline, one that will also read well for the body of text I may have in the ad (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) and the second font I might choose could be a cursive compliment. At least that's what I call them. For example, I might use Alor, or Mister Earl (one I have seen in lots of print ads lately!) and then put in little accents with a Brush Script. One or two fonts. Looks cleaner.



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