Got News? Write a Press Release!

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When and how should I write a press release?

Got News? Write a Press Release!

Let's say you've just hired a new hairdresser at your beauty salon. You want to tell the community all about his credentials and experiences, but you've already spent your advertising budget for the quarter. What do you do?
You pull out your keyboard and start typing up a press release! Think you can't write? Think again. Just write down the facts--newspapers don't like a bunch of literary prose. Remember to answer the questions: who? what? where? how? why? when?
And don't put a sales message on your writing. Remember, this is NEWS and you're just letting the community know about something new in your business. It's okay to put a phone number and address and maybe your web or email address, but you shouldn't say "Come on down for our two-for-one cut sale!"
Don't write more than ONE double-spaced page. Send the announcement to the appropriate editor (i.e. the Business Editor). Make sure you put your contact information in the head of the page.
But don't stop at your local newspaper. As a member of our local chamber of commerce, we could make such announcements in their monthly newsletter as well. Look for publications in which you can make your NEWSWORTHY announcements!



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